Meet Owl Kitty

Owl Kitty, ein Kätzchen, das mittels Greenscreen in bekannte Filme und Serien importiert wird und dort deren Protagonisten ersetzt.


Seine Katze zum 240k starken Internet-Star machen und mit den größen Hollywood’s interagieren zu lassen? Why not?

Lizzy (stage name: OwlKitty) is a two year-old cat living in Portland, Oregon. She stars in all your favorite movies and tv shows and gets lots of treats and cuddles in return. Offscreen, Lizzy loves her laser pointer, her adoptive mother (a 10 year-old tabby) and the taste of cream cheese. She’s never caught a bird.

Morpheus meets my Cat (The Matrix)

The Shining + My cat (HD)

Risky Business with my cat (OwlKitty parody)

If Baby Yoda was a Cat (Mandalorian + OwlKitty)

Love Actually but with a cat (OwlKitty Parody)

Stranger Things - with a Cat

When your cat is a trained assassin (John Wick)

My cat in Titanic (HD)


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