24/7 Radio Shibui [シティポップ, 演歌, アイドル]

Japanese Retro Music – City Pop – Idol Pop – Enka – Oldies: Rund um die Uhr Nippon retro Tunes auf Twitch mit passender Cover-Art.


Eignet sich hervorragend um Neues zu entdecken oder einfach zum durchdudeln lassen. Verbeugung vor den Hosts

Radio Shibui Japan plays 昭和時代の音楽, old Japanese music from the Shôwa era, particularly the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Styles are mixed but mainly City pop, Enka and Japanese Idol music is played. Many songs we play have gained fame through YouTube, and some are also made popular from contemporary remixes in music-styles like Future Funk and Vaporwave. This radio however only plays the original songs for discovery and promotional purposes, this music can be very hard to come by but some maybe be bought online and others may be bought from second hand CD shops in Japan. Please don’t hesitate to bye the music from the artists you come to like, song title, album name and artist is displayed to the right.


(via r/japanesemusic)

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