8-Bit Symphony

Ein rund zwei Stunden langer Mitschnitt einer Aufführung diverser C64 Game-Scores des Hull Philharmonic Orchestra und C64Audio in UK. Richtig: Chiptunes interpretiert von einem Orchester.


Das ganze ist nur für begrenzte Zeit auf YouTube, aber man kann ein Boxset des Events bestellen. Hoher Nerdfaktor: apprechiated! ?

This is your @Home experience of the 8-bit Symphony concert in Hull City Hall with Hull Philharmonic, presented by Hull College group. It’s the video we put on the big screen, and the same huge arrangements as the concert-goers experience. It’s not the same as the thrill of a live orchestra, but it should tingle your spine and give you many feels. Produced and Performed by Chris Abbot and Kenneth „Slaygon“ Mutka. The credits are at the end along with a really nice version of Barbarian 2 + Parallax called „Barbarillax“, there’s many of them.


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