A Tribute to Sam Peckinpah (Video)

Eine stimmungsvolle Zusammenfassung des “Master of slow Violence” Sam Peckinpah. Immer noch einer der größten!

Sam Peckinpah


Werde mich dem Meister in den nächsten Wochen hier noch ein bisschen mehr widmen!

|CINEMASTERS| is a series that focuses on film’s most prominent and influential auteurs, past and present. Their achievements in directing simply cannot be outmatched and their influence on the art of cinema will forever be existent.

Finally here after such a long process. This episode is on Sam Peckinpah, the controversial, batshit director himself. Fighting with the studio system his entire career, he created fast-paced, erratic films that hit the nerve hard and never let up. A master of the western genre and of a uniquely-edited style of action, his films showed a director willing to take risks, and for that I created this edit on him. Enjoy.


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