APHEX TWIN: Selected Ambient Works ’85-’92 (Vinyl Repress)

Richard D. James Landmark Album ‘Selected Ambient Works ’85-’92’ kommt als Vinyl Repress via Apollo Records.

APHEX TWIN: Selected Ambient Works ’85-’92 (Vinyl Repress)


Für viele eine schmerzliche Lücke im Plattenregal, die nun endlich gefüllt werden kann. Ich hab schon auf ‘preorder‘ geklickt.

Cornish wizard and world conquering pioneer of electronic music. This is without a doubt the finest electronica album ever produced and it’s available once more on this repress. Warp Records has billed this as “Both the birthplace and the benchmark of modern electronic music,” and has stated that “every home should have a copy.” We couldn’t have put it any better.

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92


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