Coole Metall-Lesezeichen mit Popkultur-Bezug!

Metall Lesezeichen

Diese stylischen kleinen Lesezeichen werden Kinder Ukraine hergestellt, nice! 


Im Etsy-Shop der Hersteller gibt es viele verschiedene Modelle der coolen Lesezeichen. Stylische Symbole wie Fahrräder, Federn oder Füchse aber auch welche mit popkulturellen Bezügen wie dem (jetzt alten) Instagram Logo, Pac Man, Harry Potter, Darth Vader oder Batman.

We’re a team of creators and makers who like to read. The idea behind our bookmarks was to create something which will add a stylish touch to any book you’re reading. Thus our metal CoolBookmarks were born. The bookmarks are laser cut out of thin metal, hand polished, bent into shape and powder coated with durable paint.
We choose imagery and symbols which mean something to us. Could be life or pop culture. They cause an emotion when you open a book where you left off. They trigger a smile when somebody looks at the the book you’re reading. Reading is good for you – read in style!
Packaging of our bookmarks is also cool – we reuse palette wood for it. The bookmarks look unique and ready to give.

Reading-is-cool-meet-Cool-Bookmarks-57344877a833a__880 Reading-is-cool-meet-Cool-Bookmarks-573445fd25de8__880 Reading-is-cool-meet-Cool-Bookmarks-5734401cc56ec__880 Bookmark_darth_vader-5733320013b87__880 Reading-is-cool-meet-Cool-Bookmarks-57343fcd170f2__880 Reading-is-cool-meet-Cool-Bookmarks-5734401f08b7c__880 Reading-is-cool-meet-Cool-Bookmarks-573442349af52__880 Reading-is-cool-meet-Cool-Bookmarks-5734422cb266a__880 Reading-is-cool-meet-Cool-Bookmarks-573448797b4c7__880 bookmark_raven-5733325375418__880 Reading-is-cool-meet-Cool-Bookmarks-5734498309c5e__880 Reading-is-cool-meet-Cool-Bookmarks-57344981351b6__880 Reading-is-cool-meet-Cool-Bookmarks-573445fed2a9e__880 Reading-is-cool-meet-Cool-Bookmarks-5734460049e05__880 Reading-is-cool-meet-Cool-Bookmarks-57343fca7a20b__880

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