David Bowies ★ Blackstar Cover legt, unter Sonnenlicht, Sternenhimmel frei.

blankster cover

Auf Reddit diskutieren sie gerade über die zufällige Entdeckung eines Users, der das Cover seiner ★ Blackstar Schallplatte zufällig im Sonnenlicht liegen gelassen hat. Anscheinend ist nach einer gewissen Zeit  ein Sternenhimmel hinter dem großen Stern zu sehen.


Wie oben auf dem Bild zu sehen scheint sich offenbar auf magische Weise ein Sternenhimmel, im inneren des Sleeves, abzuzeichnen.

Der zufällige Effekt auf dem Black Star Cover ist wohl nach gut zwei Stunden Sonnenlicht in eingetreten. Anscheinend hängt er mit dem Sternenhimmel, der innerhalb des Gatefolds aufgedruckt ist zusammen.

Blackstar Cover

I did just that – There doesn’t appear to be any UV reactive printing on the inner part of the front die-cut. However, on the reverse side of that, there is an image of a starfield.
I suspect that the album was actually left open, and not exposed to sunlight on the die-cut side, because the pattern doesn’t show signs of any fading or cut-off corresponding to the die-cut star shape.
Exposing the printed side of the gatefold (with the gatefold opened) would be far more likely to cause this effect, as the ink might be made to fade or have some other effect on the paper when warmed for an extended period.
Interestingly, the ink used for the overlays, including the semi-star patterns on the front of the album, and the transparent overlaid text throughout the liner notes is UV reactive, though not glow in the dark, that I can tell. I exposed it to a strong UV light for a few minutes, and there was no lasting afterglow, though the ink did fluoresce green when exposed to the UV light directly.
UPDATE – Had another look at the album, and realized exactly what was going on here.
The paper backing on the reverse side of the starfield print is different from the rest of the packaging. Rather than using the heavier stock paper, they’ve used a much thinner paper, which is in fact, capable of transmitting light.
The picture OP posted is cropped, but still shows that the gatefold is open, and that there’s a bright light behind the cover.
This is not burn-in or any sort of chemical change at all. Is it intentional in the design of the album? I’d wager it is, since this thinner paper is not used anywhere else in the cover or liner notes, nor does it seem to serve a purpose in protecting the record, which comes in a thicker translucent plastic sleeve.

So richtig traue ich mich natürlich nicht, mein Exemplar jetzt in die Sonne auf dem Balkon zu legen, auch wenn ich mich gerade schon fast dabei ertappt habe.

Ob das so gedacht war oder nicht ist noch nicht wirklich klar geworden. Zuzutrauen wäre es Bowie und seinem Cover Designer Jonathan Barnbrook jedoch allemal.

blackstar cover

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