Deepfaked pulp sci-fi paperback covers

Mit OpenAI generierte Sci-Fi Schund Roman Titelbilder. Sehr nices Projekt von Lewis Hackett


Grossartig vor allem Titel wie “The Past is Fictional” oder “The Moon is Sunlight” 😺

Mehr hier!

It’s algorithmic, generative 70s sci-fi pulp, courtesy OpenAI. Artist Lewis tells us about how it was done. Meanwhile, see how many friends will pretend to have heard of Neytiri A. Quaritch’s pioneering tome, Green Glass is the Color of the Wind.

Whether you’re a hardcore sci-fi fan or have just been rummaging 70s paperbacks at a flea market, I’ll give you a moment to just soak this in before we get into the explanation of the machine learning techniques behind the scenes. I had to clean up some coffee I chortled out my nose.


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