ECCO​​:​​10 – A Tribute to Chuck Person’s Eccojams Vol 1.

Chuck Person Tributen wirklich angemessener länge ;) welches das Kult-Alter Ego Daniel Lopatin’s feiert. Erschienen bei TigerBloodTapes.


Love it! 💜

Daniel Lopatin (of Oneohtrix Point Never fame) released an album under the one-off pseudonym of Chuck Person. This album, Eccojams Vol. 1, notoriously paved the way for future musical styles by captivating its listeners with an aquatic wonderland of mystery and nostalgic tones. This new underwater utopia of familiar sounds in a large part inspired the blossoming vaporwave aesthetic, sound, vision and eventual movement and community of the genre today.

The VA:10 Association wanted to celebrate the decade long milestone of this internet defining release with a collection of music inspired by the album and its namesake sub-genre. Over 30 artists and creators collaborated for another fantastic celebration of this little piece of internet history.



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