Eine Stunde nordkoreanisches Fernsehprogramm gucken!

Jemand hat eine ganze Stunde nordkoreanisches Fernsehprogramm aufgezeichnet und ins Netz gestellt.

nordkoreanisches Fernsehprogramm


In Nordkorea gibt es nur einen einzigen staatlichen TV-Sender. Der zeigt eine Mischung aus Propaganda, Folklore und ist garantiert nicht unterhaltsam oder gar informativ. Es sei denn man ist Ethnologe oder Nordkoreaner.

Nicht das ich damit das Fernsehen hierzulande verteidigen möchte: Das ist nämlich auf seine ganz persönliche Art und Weise ganz genauso. Also nicht immer alles aber viel zu häufig viel zu viel davon…

Das Beste am Nordkorea-TV ist wohl, dass es unter der Woche nur drei Stunden und an Sonntagen gerade mal acht Stunden Programm gibt.

– Dance routine of women in uniform and combat boots, intersting in a 1940s-50s dance number movie sort of way
5:00 – Museum of something about westerners and spying equipment? The dangers of using commercial electronics, maybe using them to spy on you?
10:30 – Boy and mother being brainwashed by a (Catholic?) priest and then the priest kills the boy, obviously about how dangerous western religions are
18:30 – ode to the patriotic tractor? Ends in a reference to 1955
20:00 – Ebullient woman talking about making clothes, complete with lots of certificates of some sort commentary and scenes about making fabric and clothes.
29:30 – Rock mining. People drilling rocks, and rock being dumped as fill? I couldn’t tell if this was about the rock being used, or if it was about making a tunnel
35:00 – A bunch of images of people working, marching, doing things with a soundtrack of singing. Getting a little glazed eyed here. The Great Leader is shown directing some activities with great vigor.
37:45 – Something about the early earth and its creation, with comets raining down and life evolving, fossils. Cuts to animatronic dinosaurs in a museum. Ah, it is a museum on natural history.
48:00 – Two very young children playing a duet on the piano, they look to be 5-6.
51:00 – Child (8-10) dancing with a stick, somersaulting, spinning,
54:00 – Two very young children playing a duet on stringed instruments
56:30 – Young girl (8-10?) choir singing a song and playing harmonica, move over K-Pop, you’ve been replaced
58:30 – More very young kids, this time boys and girls, doing an outdoors dance and song routine

„Browsing around on the net late at night yesterday, I found a link someone had posted to 4chan of a stream that could be added into VLC relaying back a seemingly hacked live feed of North Korean television. North Koreans only have working TV for 8 hours on the weekend (which, due to their strict 6 day workweek, is only one day) and 3 hours after 5PM on weekdays, other than that it gets completely shut off. I recorded about an hour of it to share. Enjoy!“

(via reddit gesehen bei Ronny)

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