Floor Babas Music ist spannend wie am ersten Tag. Das neue Album des Producers aus Pittsburgh ist eine der ansprechendsten Mischungen aus Chiptune und Digital Fusion, die es bis jetzt zu Hören gab.


New spaces are constantly being carved between genres and with influences as diverse as Mr. Bungle, Meshuggah, Wendy Carlos, Steve Vai, Roy Ayers, and soundtracks to games like EarthBound and Chrono Trigger, it’s fair to say that FLOOR BABA commands a unique space.

What began as an outlet for unreleased soundtrack work quickly found a home in the excitement of mid-2010’s SoundCloud culture. Since then, FLOOR BABA has continued to craft a unique combination of retro sounds and today’s emergent electronic styles. Through FLOOR BABA what’s old and what’s new dance in a personal exploration.


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