German Untranslatable Words Card Deck

Why Germans Can Say Things No One Else can?

German Untranslatable Words Card Deck


Der School of Life Shop verkauft gerade ein hübsch gemachtes Kartenset auf dem deutsche Wortkreationen für englische native Speaker erklärt werden, für die man in anderen Sprachen ein oder mehrere Sätze benötigt um sie zu beschreiben.

Mit dabei geniale deutsche Knaller-Wörter wie: Backpfeifengesicht, Lebensmüde oder Luftschloss. Auch wenn einige der Beispiele mit Hilfe der Karten sicher auch deutschen erklärt werden müssten, will ich doch sagen, dass wir schon eine äußerst grandiose Sprache haben oder?

We are all hugely dependent on language to help us express what we truly think and feel. However, some languages are better than others at crisply naming important sensations, and therefore allowing us to express ourselves more fully. Germans in particular have been geniuses in inventing ‘compound’ words that elegently articulate emotions or experiences that we all know, but that other languages require whole clumsy sentences or phrases to express.

Hier ein paar Beispiele:

  • LEBENSMÜDE (Life-tired):
    We believe ourselves to be firmly attached to life, but a lot of our behaviour attests to something more interesting and troubling; an occasional longing to give up our hold on existence. It is deeply useful to have this word to hand on gloomy days when it feels as if nothing will ever work out.
  • BACKPFEIFENGESICHT (Slapping-face):
    A face that is begging to be slapped. Generosity towards others is key, but the German language is bracing and frank enough to acknowledge that there are also moments when it is simply more honest to admit that we have come face-to-face with a dickhead.
  • LUFTSCHLOSS (Air-Castle):
    Literally, a castle in the air or a dream that is unattainable – a word that suggests that German culture is deeply indulgent about big dreams, but also gently realistic about how hard it can be to fulfil them.

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