Habibi Funk 014: Solidarity With Beirut

Das Berliner Label Habibi Funk solidarisiert sich mit den Menschen Beirut’s und bringt ein Mini Album mit Tracks ausschliesslich Beirut-stämmiger Künstler, dessen Erlös zu 100 Prozent gespendet wird.


Eine sehr gute Möglichkeit zu spenden (die Erlöse gehen komplett an das libanesische Rote Kreuz) und dafür gleichzeitig mit großartiger Musik entlohnt zu werden!

Hier geht’s lang!

We at Habibi Funk have been shocked and saddened by the explosion in Beirut 3 days ago. It was important for us to express our solidarity so we reached out to the network of musicians we have adored in the last few years to put together a release. 100% of the profits will go the the Lebanese Red Cross. All tracks from this compilation come from artists from Beirut, some of them don’t live there anymore but the city was essential for their musical career. Although the process of compiling this release was super rushed in order to help in raising funds as quickly as possible, we truly love how it turned out to be musically.


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