How To Cheat In Online Gambling And Get Away With It

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Gambling has always been alluring; it’s so exciting to think that you can double or even triple your money by placing bets or playing poker. Doing all that in the comfort of your own home online is great, but having a competitive advantage and having 100% assurance of winning is even better. If you want to take it to the next level, there are a few shortcuts you can take to guarantee your winning streak; some call it cheating, we call it stealthily winning! Take a look below and see some of the shortcuts you can take to cheat without getting caught.

Better Safe than Sorry

Before you start gambling your money away online, you need to be sure you found a safe and certified website. According to the people at Slottyvegas casino, they “take responsible gambling very seriously and your safety is top priority”. So when you are 100% sure you can gamble safely at a certified website without any worries, then you can think of any extra shortcuts or gambling methods you can do to assure winning.

Online Casino War

Cheaters and crooks are the worst nightmare for any gambling house or casino, and the online kind is no different. They are designed in a way that it cannot afford to let players/gamblers win all the time, at the end of the day a casino is a business that needs to make profit. These websites are constantly updating their security systems and foul play detection, patching system loopholes and handling software bugs. Eventually, players/gamblers always find new ways to turn the tide again and find other alternatives to cheat the online casino’s rules, making it a never ending cycle.

Hack the System

The methods used are different depending on the website and its security. When you cheat on platforms like this, having a background in hacking or programming would help. Trying to find the vulnerable parts of the website’s system can be a little tricky, but not impossible. When it’s done, you can get a lot of moments where the advantages are stacked in your favor as weak software is always a target for hackers and their attacks.

Test it Out

Doing your research is key, you need to learn the ins and outs of the website’s slot machine for example. Identify the platform’s features, test games for trial and error, and figure out the similar factors and the errors of the program and who developed it. You could clone your account as many times as you want if the website permits it and have additional first deposit bonuses.

Work with a Team

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There are ways to cooperate with other players in live online casinos, making the collusion work for both you and your partner’s advantage. You’ll also be getting all the bonuses and rewards in the end, so splitting the profits won’t be much of a downside when you constantly do it all the time.

Use Math

When you gamble with a positive mathematical expectation, you will eventually win overtime and reap a ton of cash. Using math to predict the probability of your outcome can actually help you win the big bucks. So brush up on your math skills, and get cracking.

Cover Your Tracks

Remember to always use a VPN when you do these types of practices so the possibility of detection is lowered dramatically and you’re just a “ghost” to the people trying to find you. Many of these casinos can easily track down cheaters, so it’s wise to always cover your tracks.

Do so at your own Risk

When you do these types of methods of gambling and cheating your way to success, it has its moments where you don’t always win. These sneaky activities online and in virtual space can still lead to getting caught and some of them could lead to imprisonment. So stay safe, stay hidden and remember that it’s not cheating if you don’t get caught!