Know your Meme

Ein Meme mutmaßlich nachgestellt von der original Besetzung, dass kurz darauf selbst zum Meme wird. Doch so sehr sich vielleicht alle Wünschen, das die echten Menschen auf dem Foto hinter dem sehr bekannten Foto, die selben sind, es ist leider nicht so.

know you meme


Aber es ist eine gute Geschichte, vor allem wenn man sieht, was daraus geworden ist. Unten beschreibt der Typ auf dem Foto vor dem Foto wie er das alles wahrgenommen hat.

Hey! I’m the guy in this photo. This was at a Know Your Meme party at the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC. They had a gallery of memes hanging on the wall. I noticed my wife was wearing a red dress so I suggested she pose in front of the girl in the photo. While I was taking her picture someone came up to me and asked if I wanted to be in it, so I hopped in. Then the girl in blue walked up and said, „Hey! Let me be the other girl!“ The whole thing was spontaneous and random, and of course it happened on the one day in my life I’m not wearing a plaid shirt.

Pretty funny that our silly photo of us in front of a meme is now a meme itself (just tweeted by Zach Braff). I Air Dropped the photo to the girl in blue after we took it a few weeks ago. She put it on Facebook a few days ago. I guess the person who first put this on Reddit must have seen it there and decided to imply that we are older versions of the people in the meme, but we are not. As others have pointed out, I’m the dude from Improv Everywhere, and my wife is an actress, and we host a political podcast together. I don’t know much about the girl in blue, but she was nice!


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