Lehrer gibt seinen Schülern personalisierte High-Fives zur Begrüßung

Lehrer des Jahres mindestens!


Soviel zum Thema Lehrer Schüler Beziehung. Da säße ich gerne mal im Unterricht!

Each handshake is different, using custom moves inspired by the student’s personality. “I started with one simple handshake last year with a 4th grader,” he explained. “She would wait for me every morning before she’d go to class. She’d get in trouble sometimes for being late because she’d wait on the handshake.“

“This year I started making handshakes with the kids at recess. It was just one or two students and then it became contagious,” he added. “I saw how much it meant to them, so I said, ‘Come on. Everyone come on.’ Then it was my full class, then it was kids from other classes. Now I have 3rd graders wanting to do it too.

Teacher Has Personalized Handshakes With Every Single One of His Students

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