Materia Collective hat ein Vinyl Preorder für ein Mega Man Remix Album mit Tracks aus Mega Man 1-3, 5-7 und X gestartet. Kommt auf ‚clear‘ Vinyl mit coolen artwork von Dr. Wily’s Castle von Lucas Sienkiewicz.


Leider wird es noch dauern bis man das Teil in den Händen halten kann. Als Shipping Date ist Q1 2022 angegeben. 😳 Dennoch macht der erste Vorgeschmack schon Lust auf mehr.

The music of MEGA MAN has always been a favorite of mine, and Manami Matsumae has been such a big inspiration to me.

With the collaborative efforts of co-producers Flexstyle, Ben Briggs, Baircave, Epikuro, arthur x medic, Shady Monk, and VGR, we set out to make something completely different than the expected MEGA MAN covers that we know and love.

With unique renditions spanning hip hop, jazz, electronic dance, and beyond, this album is a love letter to the composers of MEGA MAN, and a envisioning of what legacy MEGA MAN music might sound like if produced today. Using modern production and sound design techniques, our producers breathed new life into these classics while holding onto the nostalgia that makes each of these songs so great.

I hope that you enjoy MEGA REMIXED MAN.EXE as much as we enjoyed producing it!
– RoboRob

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