Mit einem Skateboard durch farbiges Pulver fahren (in Slomo)


Was für eine Farbexplosion! Regisseur Darren Dyk lässt in diesem Clip Skater durch buntes Farbpulver fahren.


Er nennt das ganze Chromatik und hat das schonmal gemacht. Diesmal mit mehr Tricks, mehr Kameras und noch mehr Style. Ziemlich fetter Scheiß!


When I shot the first „Chromatic“ back in 2012 with Powell-Peralta skateboards, we had barely 2 hours to film and were limited to just one angle of shooting. This time around I wanted to do it properly, so we took a full week to really knock this one out of the park! Jason Bastian, Jonathan Bastian, and Ryan Thompson were the skateboarders behind the craziness!
We shot with the Phantom V12.1 high-speed camera at frame rates up to 6,900 frames per second and my Sony FS700 to shoot on the fly at 240fps. If you are interested in learning a bit more about the Phantom camera we shot on, head on over to Aimed-Research. They’ve currently got the best Phantom camera rental prices on the market. Especially for research model cameras. Vision Research (The company who makes Phantom cameras) also has some awesome new models totally worth checking out!

Explosions of Color: Skateboarding in Slow Motion (Chromatic 2)


(via uFunk)

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