Mosh Pit Simulator

Mosh pit simulator

Sos Sosowski hat ein VR Spiel namens Mosh Pit Simulator geschrieben. Es wird großartig verstörend!


Sosowski hat sich vorgenommen das schlechteste Video Game aller Zeiten zu machen. Nun er ist nah dran:

The game will be playable next weekend (June 3-5, 2016) at Pixel Haaven in Warsaw, thus if you would like to check it out, make sure to drop by! If you would like to test the game or have additional questions, drop me an email! I will prepare a test build after Pixel Heaven!

For now I need to prepare a showcasing version, and upon showing I will pinpoint bugs to iron out, after that, I’ll send out a build for testing, so if you have a Vive and would like to try the game, drop me an email!
I’ll do updates on game development and whatnot starting next week too! See ya then!

Mosh Pit Simulator Original Trailer

(via boingboing)

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