Original Manuskript Beethovens wird versteigert

Zwei Seiten von Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Original Manuskript seinem fünften und letzten Klavierkonzert (Piano Concerto No. 5) werden aktuell bei Bonhams versteigert.

Original Manuskript Beethovens wird versteigert


Aufgerufen sind Preise zwischen $250 und $350k. Das teure Sammlerstück datiert auf das 1809.

The first page is a sketch for the second theme of the first movement. Orchestral exposition, beginning with bar 3 in E flat minor with the following major version in B flat major. The further course is noted in a very shortened form (partly within the bar line division no entries, partly pauses, partly obviously only bass tones). The second page contains ideas for the second and third movements. The material of the second movement (found on staves 1-7) is the earlier version of this movement which Beethoven wrote in theme and variations form.

Ludwig Van Beethoven - Piano Concerto No. 5

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