Remute: Living Electronics (Cartridge Music)

Der Hamburger Synth-Artist Remute veröffentlicht sein neues Album auf einer Came Boy Cartridge, nachdem er auch schon Musik auf SNES oder Mega Drive Spielkassetten released hat.


Hammer Ansatz nach wie vor… Hab so gar noch nen Game Boy hier rumliegen und bin in Versuchung… :)

Remute enters the most popular portable gameconsole of all time – the Game Boy! His new album ‚Living Electronics‘ comes exclusively as a cartridge for Nintendo’s evergreen handheld and contains 15 new songs full of bleepy bliss.
After ‚Electronic Lifestyle‘ which came earlier this year as a cartridge for the PC Engine and Turbografx-16, ‚Living Electronics‘ is already his second cartridge album in 2021 and guarantees a hot late summer running around outside and blasting quirky sounds through the tiny Game Boy speakers.

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