Rob Mazurek – Exploding Star Orchestra: Dimensional Stardust

Avantgarde Jazz von Mulitinstrumentalist Rob Mazurek und seiner Band ‚Exploding Star Orchestra, der mich mit Erscheinen der ersten Single des Album’s ‚Dimensional Stardust‘ sofort fesselt.


For his 2020 album with Exploding Star Orchestra, ‚Dimensional Stardust,‘ Rob Mazurek arranged his pieces for eleven musicians—Nicole Mitchell, Jeff Parker, Jaimie Branch, Joel Ross, Mikel Patrick Avery, Tomeka Reid, Chad Taylor, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Macie Stewart, Angelica Sanchez, and John Herndon—and commissioned his long-time lyrics collaborator Damon Locks to draft original texts for the songs. The album recalls an array of Mazurek’s symphonic­ influences, from Béla Bartók to Morton Feldman to Gil Evans to Sun Ra to Pedro Santos to Bill Dixon to The Art Ensemble of Chicago. Opting to focus on tight ensemble orchestration over passages of open improvisation, he distills an orchestra of explosive improvisers into a graceful group exercise in melodic minimalism.

Das Album erscheint in Zusammenarbeit der Label Nonesuch Records und International Anthem. Preorders für den 20. November auf Bandcamp.

Rob Mazurek — Exploding Star Orchestra - "A Wrinkle in Time Sets Concentric Circles Reeling"


1. Sun Core Tet (Parable 99)
2. A Wrinkle In Time Sets Concentric Circles Reeling
3. Galaxy 1000
4. The Careening Prism Within (Parable 43)
5. Abstract Dark Energy (Parable 9)
6. Parable of Inclusion
7. Dimensional Stardust (Parable 33)
8. Minerals Bionic Stereo
9. Parable 3000 (We All Come From Somewhere Else)
10. Autumn Pleiades


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