SimCity.wave in equal parts a celebration of world building and the iconic game SimCity 2000 as well as a homage to FM synthesis. The EP features four reimaginings of the original game soundtrack.

„FM synth sounds from the (equally iconic) Yamaha DX7 and DX21 seemed fitting as a lot people would have heard the music through a Soundblaster type soundcard with a Yamaha FM synth chip. The source material for this EP however was sampled from the Sega Saturn port which has a particularly lush rendition of the soundtrack. I decided to make the EP after setting up my Saturn (hadn’t touched it for a decade) during the first lockdown in March and playing the Saturn port of Sim City, which reminded me this was possibly my favourite game ever. Anyway I had a lot of fun making this!“

SimCity.wave III (Melancholic Mayor) [vaporwave / IDM / Jazz]


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