Star Wars Tiki Mugs – Cocktails Trinken aus Star Wars Bechern!

Star Wars Tiki Mugs

Its Cocktail Time! Mit diesen Star Wars Tiki Mugs steht der geekigen Star Wars Beach Party nichts mehr im Weg.


Denen von ThinkGeek gehen auch wirklich nie die Ideen aus! Ich denke gerade an Sex on the Beach aus Chewbacca oder einen Long Island Ice Tea aus Boba Fett oder so.

Auf jeden Fall 80er plus Star Wars + Kult!

Ziemlich geil! Der Bestell-Finger juckt…




There’s something about a tiki bar that just makes us smile. Maybe it’s the vibrant vintage kitsch feel. Maybe it’s because it reminds us of Gilligan’s Island, and the Professor making improbable radios out of coconuts. Then again, maybe it’s the rum.

The Mos Eisley Kon-Tiki Bar is the only wretched hive of scum and villainy where you can count on every drink to come with a little umbrella. You’re welcome to come in any time of day, but you’d better leave your blaster and lightsaber by the door. Serenaded by the soothing notes of Figrin D’an and his Modal Nodes‘ ukuleles, you can drape a flower lei around your neck and enjoy your Mai Tai in complete relaxation.

And what better tiki mug to drink from than one that looks like a character from the Star Wars? Choose to drink with Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, R2-D2, a Stormtrooper, or Yoda. Each holds about 14 oz. and has a contrasting interior, which will make you happy when you get to the bottom of the drink and have to ask, „But why is the rum gone?“ Or at least, it’ll entertain you a little. We think the lack of rum has something to do with moisture farming, but you didn’t hear it from us.


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