The Strokes ‚At the Door‘

Fragt mich warum ich mich erst jetzt mit der neuen ‚Strokes‘ Single ‚At the Door‘ vertraut gemacht hab. Irgendwie wollte ich nicht, hatte Angst sie ist enttäuschend. Ist sie aber nicht!


Und das Video von Mike Burakoff verdient einen extra Probs: SciFi-Grim Reaper meets Alice in Wonderland ?

Die neue Platte ‚The New Abnormal‘ erscheint am 10. April auf red Vinyl.

The wait is finally over!! After 7 years the Strokes are back with a new studio album. At the Door is their debut single and we had the honor to participate on its music video. We were thrilled when Mike Burakoff and Benjy Brooke invited us to participate on this amazing project. This clip, which is actually almost a short film (5 minutes), was directed by Mike and co-produced by Benjy with an amazing group of artists from such as Ugo Bienvenu, Sike, Agathe Leroux, etc. What an amazing crew! And all in the service of a clip that resonates beautiful memories of retro animation (René Laloux, Moebius, Watership Down, Heavy Metal…). We were in charge of designing and animating the Megastructure section (warrior, overlord), over 1 minute of animation. Inspired on the Heavy Metal movie, the section is a journey of warrior trying to save the universe at any cost. Song: At The Door. Album: The New Abnormal.


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