‘Toilet Paper Token’ to the Moon ?

?‍? We believe the solid use cases of the new Toilet Paper Token will prevent volatile dumps. ?


Ein Aprilscherz ist dann gut, wenn man fast glauben mag er wäre keiner. In Anbetracht der durchaus überzeugten Anwender von Toilettenpapier in Zeiten der Corona-Krise, scheint die Idee des Toilet Paper Token’s heute Potenzial zu haben…

Hier geht’s lang zum Whitepaper (ihr versteht schon) ?

An Introduction to Toilet Paper

The evolution of modern day toilet paper has come a long way. Before the invention of the double, triple-ply squares, human civilizations used a wide range of objects that could be sharp and even dangerous to their anatomy. Throughout the years, rocks, corn cobs and pieces of wood were utilized, while softer solutions, like communal sponges were used by the ancient Romans. The wealthy preferred fabrics like wool or lace that posed less of a threat to the body’s vulnerable parts.

Man beachte zudem den Chart. OMG ? ?


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