Sehr cooles Kompendium aller (westlichen) NES Games. Über 430 Seiten retro Spaß und der ultimative Durchblick.



Pat Contri hat mehr als zwei Jahre seines Lebens damit verbracht diese ultimative NES Bibliothek in Buchform zusammenzustellen. Crowdgefundet, in der ersten Auflage längst ausverkauft und im Nachdruck erst wieder ab Januar 2017 lieferbar.

Dazu kommt noch, dass es momentan nur aus Nordamerika verschickt wird und sich über (viel zu hohe) Versandkosten momentan noch für hiesige Geeks disqualifiziert. Ich hoffe einfach mal auf Amazon Deutschland und bleibe ein bisschen dran.

Auf diesem Level hat es so ein Buch bislang nämlich noch nicht gegeben. Irgendwie werde ich das schon auf mein Sofa kriegen, ich halte Euch auf dem laufenden.

The 30th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System just passed on Oct. 18, and the NES is still played and remembered fondly today. Why? It might just be because the NES helped save the video game console market in North America. But more importantly, it’s beloved for its great and diverse library of games. Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Castlevania, Punch-Out, Mega Man, Duck Hunt, The Legend of Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, Tecmo Bowl — what do they all have in common?

They were all great games released on a single system. And many great game franchises still around today, had their start way back on the NES! The NES had nearly 800 unique game cartridges released for it during its lifetime. While almost every video game fan has played or at least heard of the more famous titles, there were many, many games that weren’t as popular or well-known. This book features all of them, with detailed information such as the release date, developer, publisher, genre, availability, and more, as well as a review and rating for each title.

There’s also a separate “Reflections” section for each game where the author of that review can expound upon the game more, comment on interesting aspects of the game, or even go off on a tangent about video game history, or muse about childhood memories or a humorous anecdote the game may have conjured up.

Nintendo NES Library Guide & Review Book of 750+ Games!

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