Watch the full Microsoft Windows 95 Launch with Bill Gates & Jay Leno from 1995

Wenn jemand behauptet Microsoft hätte in Sachen coole Launch-Events Apple nie das Wasser reichen können, zeigt das hier. It’s still magic!


Dreams come true: the holy grail of Microsoft launch events finally made available for viewing pleasure after nearly 27 years. This launch event stars Jay Leno as he explores Windows 95 and the campus while making remarkably corny and dated celebrity jokes, so it’s an unexpected relief to hear Bill Gates talk when he isn’t around.

Several pieces of footage from this event have been floating around for many years, but the full uncut version was nowhere to be found up until now, so you’ll be witnessing a lot of stuff that hasn’t been seen by anyone outside of attendees, the press, and the development team. One example is some of the websites shown near the end, including pages from the older MSN service, and the official homepage for the Windows 95 launch campus complete with rich web graphics. And that was all displayed on Internet Explorer 1.0!

Microsoft Windows 95 Launch with Bill Gates & Jay Leno (1995)


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