Video Artist Thomas Blanchard und sein formidables Musikvideo zu ÆDAN’s ‚Evolution‘ ist ein 8k Neon Tagtraum mit Makro-Insekten.


Wenn ich jetzt behaupte, dass das hier zum Besten gehört, dass ich diese Woche gesehen habe, dann ist das nicht übertrieben!

Weeks of filming in isolation with a host of insects and plants to better understand their mechanism and interactions. The result is a striking spectacle where you can observe life with a new eye. Shot in 8K to observe at best microscopic details, this new clip by Aedan will tickle your curiosity and your emotions by offering you a journey into a world that is both near and far, sublime and unforgiving.

All videos were filmed in 8K with the RED Helium camera with 100 mm L macro lens Canon and MPE 60 mm macro lens Canon
The editing of the video is in 4K.


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