Viewing the 2024 Solar Eclipse with a C64 Software from 1984

Die kürzlich in Nordamerika sichtbare Sonnenfinsternis rückwirkend vorausberechnet mit einer Sterne-guck Software für Commodores C64 aus dem Jahr 1984.

Viewing the 2024 Solar Eclipse with Commodore 64's 1984 Sky Travel


Fast so gut wie das echte Erleben in einer glorreichen Auflösung von 320 x 200 dpi. Hätten die ganzen Couch-Potatoes das mal gewusst. Sorry für den Bonnie Tyler Ohrwurm btw. ;)

A Commodore 64 can be used to view the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse with the help of some software from 1984 called „Sky Travel: A Window To Our Galaxy“. We take a quick look at the original boxed program, complete with floppy disk, manual, and diskette replacement card! Then with the help of a 1541 disk drive and some vigorous head knocks, we get the software booted, configured (with some advice from Commodore friend Bruce Thomas), and finally view the eclipse from the safety of my basement.



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