Commodore 64 plays Huey Lewis (1985-1986)

Nachträglich irgendwas hacken kann ja jeder: Das hier ist echt! Jma Mitch hat seine 35 Jahre alten C64 Disketten wiedergefunden auf denen er damals mittels „Music Construction Set“ selbst gefrickelte Huey Lewis Songs gespeichert hat.


Nichts anderes, denn ‚Huey and the News‘ waren einfach seine Band! ?

Das Ganze dann auch noch zu digitalisieren und bei YouTube hochzuladen verdient definitiv ein Füllhorn volle Nerd-Lorbeeren + Superfan Badge! ?

As a teenager in 1985 and 1986, I used my trusty Commodore 64 and the „Music Construction Set“ program to create computer versions of a slew of songs by the greatest musical artist of all time: Huey Lewis and The News. Only Huey songs, that was the only artist I did. I recently (Feb 2020) was able to access my 35 year old C64 disks, many of which survived, including the ones with the songs I’m uploading to this channel. Some of the songs sound better than others, but these are the original unedited files.

Playlist: Commodore 64 plays Huey Lewis (1985-86)


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