Insect worn Videocamera

Ingenieure der Universität Washington haben eine superleichte Kamera gebaut, die sich auf den Rücken eines Käfers schnallen und sich per Smartphone steuern lässt.


Bin ich der einzige, der jetzt dystopisches Kopfkino startet?

Evan Ackerman erklärt das Ganze in einem Artikel auf  IEEE Spectrum genauer:

The system was successfully tested on a pair of darkling beetles that were allowed to roam freely outdoors, and the researchers noted that they could also mount it on spiders or moths, or anything else that could handle the payload. (The researchers removed the electronics from the insects after the experiments and observed no noticeable adverse effects on their behavior.)

The researchers are already thinking about what it might take to put a wireless camera system on something that flies, and it’s not going to be easy—a bumblebee can only carry between 100 and 200 mg […]

Insects are very mobile platforms for outdoor use, but they’re also not easy to steer, so the researchers also built a little insect-scale robot that they could remotely control while watching the camera feed.

Wireless Steerable Vision for Live Insects and Insect-scale Robots


(via boingboing)

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