Doom running on C64

Doom läuft natürlich auch auf einem C64 was auch sonst? Auch wenn hier streng genommen eine externe CPU gebraucht wird um das zu verwirklichen.


This is a RAD-Doom gameplay capture recorded from a real Commodore 64 (PAL model). RAD-Doom is a new tech demo that enables Commodore 64 enthusiasts to play Doom on their „breadbin“ via the RAD Expansion Unit by Frenetic. The RAD Expansion Unit contains a Raspberry Pi that may take over the role as an external CPU for the Commodore 64. The graphics are still being rendered by the original VIC-II chip. Sound can still be generated via the famous SID chip (but other options are also available). Find all technical details described by Frenetic (developer of RAD) at:

Doom on Commodore 64 - A playable tech demo for the RAD Expansion Unit for C64/C128


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