Das richtige Display vorausgesetzt, wird das hier wohl das beeindruckendste sein, dass ihr diese Woche gesehen habt (Clickbait Ende).


Verantwortlich dafür ist der Videoartist Roman De Giuli und ich denke ich hab nicht übertrieben.

MAGIC FLUIDS focuses on the development of traditional fluid art and color pouring methods for video on the macro scale. The challenge for me was to minimize randomness and to really get control over the fluids in terms of form, speed and direction. I ran R&D for a few month and poured several hundred sheets of paper with paint to finally get a handful of stable methods. This is a very clean style with an almost graphic CG-look, but all properties of real organic visuals. Almost all effects you see in this video were created in camera. The only thing I added in post was lightning on a few shots.


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