Making a flute controlled mouse

Ja, es ist so. Man kann eine Blockflöte benutzten um einen Mauszeiger zu bewegen. Man braucht dafür nur eine recording software, ein Mikro, eine selbst gehackte Browser Extension und etwas Geek-Power.


Falls ihr also bei Zeiten etwas Zeit zu verbrennen habt…

What do we need for flute-based mouse? First we need a way to determine if a note is being played and if a note is produced, we need to be able to determine which note is being played by the musician. Next, we need to hijack and control a cursor via the detected note and trigger a click event when a specific note is played. Finally we need to play a flute, preferably a recorder, to move the mouse cursor in an obviously superior and relaxed fashion. It is not strictly required to use a recorder but a recorder is very much advised.



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