MONKEY MAJIK × サンドウィッチマン / ウマーベラス(歌詞付き)

Lauscht einem funky J-Pop Disco Track über die Freude an köstlichem Essen und lasst euch berauschen an dem dazugehörigen Synth-Style Videoclip.


Enjoy your food and have a nice day! 🍔


To all the confused english speakers, the whole song is basically about them exploring how marvellous food is and the chorus is explaining whatever you eat, it’s zero calories. Also, the little talking part in the middle is them explaining how ‚a donut makes the shape 0 so therefor is 0 calories‘ and ‚fried food is fried at over 100 degrees and all the calories die and therefor its 0 calories‘ and ‚also, if you sing this song everything is 0 calories‘ anyway they’re an awesome pair of comedians I love them sm

MONKEY MAJIK × サンドウィッチマン / ウマーベラス(歌詞付き)

(via r/japanesemusic)


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