Rejected Emoji Proposals

Ein Sammlung offiziell beim Unicode Konsortium eingereichter aber dann abgelehnter Emoji’s. Den Emo-Teen hätte ich schon irgendwie gerne gehabt ;)


Und auch so ist einiges dabei von dem ich dachte, why das ist genial!

This list only includes emoji that were part of a formal character proposal submitted to the Unicode Consortium. Overview documents that merely discuss possible additions or informal requests are not counted. Only symbols that were intended to be used as emoji are considered, even though that status can sometimes be a bit unclear. Emoji that had been proposed but were ultimatively added due to a different proposal or in a slightly different form are not included. Proposals are considered rejected if they did not result in new additions even when no formal disapproval notice has been published. The list is most likely not 100% complete.


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