Super minimalistic Webnotes

Willkommen zum minimalistischten Web-Notizzettel aller Zeiten. Nennt sich einfach jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj und hilft wenn ihr grad mal nur einen Browser zur hand habt.



Einfach schreiben und die Browser ‘Speichern unter’ verwenden. Einfacher gehts nicht. Im repo des Machers finden sich zudem ein paar andere Farbschemen und Font-Spielereien.

I wanted a place where I could write down my thoughts without them being stored in the cloud or connected to an account (notes, onenote, evernote, docs, paper, gist, etc). I don’t really like terminal text editors, notepad, or IDEs for writing, so I made this very simple notepad. It’s a <body> html tag with the contenteditable attribute making it editable, and some <style>.

To save a note just store it on disk (cmd/ctrl+s). To add images, drag and drop them onto the text area. Remove the contenteditable attribute from <body>, save, and voila, you now have a static lightweight blog post ready to be published! Formatting can be a bit wonky but should work in some browsers (cmd/ctrl+b/i/u). Copy+pasting formatted text can potentially break things a bit.

The two colors are from Solarized. Feel free to download the file and update style/markup to your preference.

Some ideas/variations:

Dark theme:


HN theme:

With heading:…


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