The SFX of Indiana Jones

Kleines Feature über die Spezialeffekte in der original ‚Indiana Jones‘ Trilogie. Fame Focus kratzt altes ‚making of ‚ Material zusammen und gibt wieder mal einen Einblick über das was Filmmagie damals ausgemacht hat.


Diese Kreativität vermisst man in heutigen Produktionen und sie macht das Flair vieler alter Filme so besonders gegenüber dem was uns heutzutage aus dem Computer serviert wird.

Nowadays, with computer generated imagery, it’s a lot easier to achieve supernatural FX in movies. But, back in the day when computers were still figuring out how to CGI, moviemakers would often have to come up with many weird and wonderful techniques in order to achieve the desired effect while still looking halfway decent. And I can’t think of a better example to demonstrate some of these ingenious techniques than the Indiana Jones movies. So, in this video we’re going to answer these questions and also discover just why the original Indiana Jones films turned out to be as good as they are!

Indiana Jones Without FX - Things You Didn't Notice


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