C64 Fan Version of a 1982 Intellivison Star Wars Game

Geek-Dedication in Reinform: Dieser ‚Empire Strikes Back‘ Parallax-Shooter ist ein Fan Mod eines einst veröffentlichten Intellivision und Atari 2600 Star Wars Games für den C64.


Wer also Lust auf ein paar Emulator-Fingerübungen hat oder gar noch einen funktionsfähigen C64 sein eigenen möge fortfahren.

Back in 1982, The Parker Brothers  released their first game, The Empire Strikes Back. The game was available on two popular gaming consoles at this time, the Atari 2600 and the Intellivison. The gameplay was pretty much the same on both machines, you flew the snowspeeder around on the planet of Hoth and fought huge AT-ATs. The Parker Brothers did create a game for the C-64 in 1983, but it was more similar to the vector game you could play on the arcades, and it did not have the name „Empire Strikes Back“ in the title.  In 1988 the C64 game distributor Domark did release a game called „Empire Strikes Back“, programmed by the developers in Vektor Grafix.  This version was also based on the Arcade version.



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