Captain Power & the Soldiers of Future: Solid SciFi-Trash in full length

Das Warten aufs neue Jahr mit einem sinnlosen Trash-Movie noch süßer machen: Pilotfilm zur semi-gescheiterten Serie Captain Power & the Soldiers  of Future, von der es aber immerhin 22 Episoden gab.


Nur weiss das keiner und deshalb dachte ich so am letzen Tag des Jahres, ist das ein essential. Wer weiss schon was die zeit bringen wird.

„The World once more has a future! A future where legends are born!“

The year 2099. The place ‚Volcania‘, center of the bionic universe. It is shortly after the titanic struggles of the metal wars in a world of Darkness, Destruction and Terrifying Evil, ruled by „Lord Dread“ and his bionic creations. Due to the twisted mind of this evil creature, the very machines designed to end war for all time are now the executioners of civilization. History tells us that such times produce heroes and heroines, dedicated to turning back the darkness and creating a brave new world of Power, Wonder and Mystery. The World has only one chance „Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future“. Aided by their power suits, which turn each soldier into a one man specialized attack force, they give hope once again to civilization.

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future: The Legend Begins. Rare Retro 1987 TV movie / Series


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