Classic Westworld Movie cut like modern Westworld-Series Trailer

Der Westworld Spielfilm aus dem Jahre 1973 geschnitten und vertont im Stil der neuen und ziemlich erfolgreichen Serie.


Yul Brynner wirkt ein bisschen wie der Terminator. 😳

A high-tech amusement park for adults features three recreated historical environments – Medieval World, Roman World and Western World – populated by highly realistic androids programmed to indulge the whims of every high-paying guest. The main attraction of Westworld is the Gunslinger – a robot programmed to start duels but who can always be killed by humans packing special guns. John and Peter, two buddies on vacation, wake up in a Westworld bordello after a night of brawls and booze, not yet knowing that a system-wide failure has infected the androids and placed them in mortal danger.

Westworld | Modern Trailer | Max


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