Finding the ‚Ghost in the Shell‘ Locations in Hong Kong

Edwin Lee, Cam Guru bei Fallout Media ist durch Straßen Hong Kong’s gezogen um mutmaßliche Inspirationen des Hong Kongs im Anime Klassiker ‚Ghost In The Shell‘ zu suchen und er wurde fündig.


Teilweise ziemlich akkurat, teilweise orientiert sich der Kult-Streifen aber auch nur an einzelnen Gebäuden uns jetzt sie in einen anderen Kontext. Die Stimmung hat Lee aber in jedem Fall eingefangen. Hut ab!

[2012] I first watched Manga’s cult classic „Ghost in the Shell“ when I was a teen but only recently realised that the film’s city background is actually based on Hong Kong – my current place of residence.
When it was made in 1995, it depicted a grimy, futuristic city. Now, 16 years later, it’s interesting to see how Hong Kong has physically changed. So I set out to try and recreate particular scenes from the film. The biggest differences between the film and now is that Hong Kong no longer has those awesome low-flying airplanes (airport moved in 1998) nor do we have canals and river boats – though we do have tramcar systems which is the obvious influence for Masamune. Not every shot could be faithfully recreated. Simply because it was an animation!


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