‚Lord of the Rings‘ Crypto Currency

Wer dachte im beim Thema spaßige MemeCoins gibt es nur noch Hunde-Geld der täuscht. JRR Token ist eine ‚Herr der Ringe‘ Kryptowährung. Das Mott ist klar: ‚One coin to rule them all ‚


We here at the JRR Token development team wanted a passion project that combined our love of adventure and cryptocurrency, and paid a tribute to the fantasy realms that shaped our childhoods. So we created JRR Token with a mind to have a stable and sustainable cryptocurrency that could be embraced by adventurous spirits around the World. JRR Token was designed with long-term stability in mind. Our hope is that our early adopters will reap the greatest rewards, watching their portfolio grow as the larger community leans in to embrace JRR Token. Our tokenomics reflect our goal of creating a cryptocurrency that will be around for the long haul. 3% for liquidity to ensure the supply stays stable. 3% reflections to honor and enrich our faithful holders. 3% for the marketing/charity wallet. This wallet will be used to promote the coin as it grows, and any funds not directly used for marketing will be donated to charity.


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