TRIFORCE: A Zelda „wierdo“ Puzzle Game

Ein 3D-Puzzle im Stil von ‚The Legend of Zelda‘ und teilweise an original Schauplätzen von Patrick LeMieux (@alt254) und Stephanie Boluk (@chouxsalad).



Leicht durchgedreht und sehr abstrakt. Gibts Gratis hier für Mac und Windows. Mal gucken wie lange noch, weil Nintendo…

In The Legend of Zelda, there are several strange spaces hidden around Hyrule that defy the logic of the Cartesian grid: the Lost Woods, the Lost Hills, and the Lost Roads. When navigating these 2D mazes, Link finds himself endlessly looping, temporarily arrested by a classic gaming trope. But when visualized in 3D, these labyrinths start to look different. Triforce features a non-Euclidean Hyrule full of donuts, Möbius strips, and Klein bottles as well as other secrets folded within the topologies of Zelda. Can you navigate three new dungeons in three dimensions to discover the three pieces of the triforce?

(via mefi)

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