BAKGROUND: Memory Card

Sehr nices Ambient-Projekt aus Manchester. Auffällig gute flüchtende retro Sound-Collagen verweilen in Bewegung und schaffen einen willkommenen Tagtraum.


Die zwei Vinyl-Varianten und das Cover-Art gefallen. Dazu gibt es noch eine passend gecodete Website (Desktop only) auf der man das Album ebenfalls Hören kann.

Follow into a portal of computer generated memory and time with BAKGROUND’s „Memory Card.“ Emerging from fading simulations, systems and interfaces of cherished consoles, the widescreen textures imprint a feeling of ethereal longing on listeners. Gradually evolving, circular motifs recreate experiences of peering into a haze of flickering menus, shopping lobbies, opening themes and sequences of Sony’s Playstation games. The drenched melodies conjure images of nights spent connected to a virtual plane, building memories in imaginary worlds. Filtered through a hyper-colour, neon sadness, to be immersed into new dreams. Minimal in approach, but maximal in its ability to generate curiosity and wonder in listeners through eight remarkable cyclical compositions.


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