GRIMES Malbuch

Zur aktuellen GRIMES Ausstellung in der Maccarone Gallery in Los Angeles, ist dieses Malbuch erschienen, dessen Erlös zu 100% gespendet wird. Gibt’s jetzt auf Ebay.


Ausserdem verkaufen die auf Ebay auch die Original Exponate und Drucke. Kann man natürlich ein bisschen Geld für dalassen. Das Malbuch ist mit knapp $20 jedoch ein Schnapper. Vielleicht was für den nächsten Lockdown. ?


Maccarone gallery’s presentation of Grimes on eBay extends the artist’s debut exhibition launched as an immersive online experience at a time when galleries increasingly move to virtual spaces — to an even more immediate and inclusive digital audience.

This exclusive launch is the first collaboration between eBay and Maccarone. The digital exhibition is a retrospective like-presentation spanning the last 10 years including various forms of media including drawing, digital prints, photographs, and video, has been translated into a carefully curated retail experience, breaking the art historical barriers of both physical exhibitions and online viewing rooms and moving to a global platform allowing engagement by seasoned art collectors, online shoppers, and curious new audiences alike.


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