Have We Met: Neues ‚Destroyer‘ Album in der Pipeline

Dan Bejar bringt nach dem großartigen 2017er ‚KEN‘ endlich ein neues ‚Destroyer‘ Album. ‚Have We Met‘ erscheint am 31. Januar 2020 via Merge Records. Die erste Single heißt ‚Crimson Tide‘


Immer noch einer meiner Lieblings-Acts und ich feiere wirklich alles was diese Band macht. Gehört für mich definitiv zu den Ankündigungen des Herbstes. ?

Destroyer’s Dan Bejar initially conceived of Have We Met as a Y2K album. He was already active during the era but not heard overhead in a cafe or salon, which is perhaps what the idea of the Y2K sound evokes nearly two decades later. Bejar assigned frequent producer and bandmate John Collins the role of layering synth and rhythm sections over demos with the period-specific Björk, Air, and Massive Attack in mind, but he soon realized the sonic template was too removed from Destroyer’s own, and the idea of a concept was silly anyway. So he abandoned it and gave Collins the most timeless instruction of all: “Make it sound cool.”

Rough Trade hat bereits zwei ‚colored‘ Vinyls gelistet. Seht unten das von David Galloway & David Ehrenreich produzierte Video zu ‚Crimson Tide‘ sowie die Tracklist zu ‚Have We Met‘. Den Song gibt es aber auch schon auf Apple und Spotify im Stream.

Destroyer - Crimson Tide

Have We Met (Tracklist):
01 Crimson Tide
02 Kinda Dark
03 It Just Doesn’t Happen
04 The Television Music Supervisor
05 The Raven
06 Cue Synthesizer
07 University Hill
08 Have We Met
09 The Man in Black’s Blues
10 Foolssong

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