Jpeg decoding auf einem 286er

Fühle diesen Bildaufbau noch total und will gar nicht wissen wie viel Lebenszeit ich insgesamt aufbracht habe um jpeg’s beim erscheinen auf einem Röhrenmonitor zuzusehen.


geht los bei 19:45min…

I really enjoy using my 1990 NCR PC286, but I go over the reasons why an 80286 may not be the ideal vintage PC for you, especially for DOS gaming. (Or if you’re weird enough to try OS/2.) Games like Lotus III and Flight Simulator 4.0 actually run surprisingly well on this 286, mostly due to the strength of its onboard Western Digital/Paradise graphics chip, but other 286 systems with plain VGA, like IBM PS/2s, would not do nearly as well. And a 386 opens the door to a whole range of games and programs which simply won’t run at all on a 286.

Why you don't want a vintage 286 PC -- but I like mine anyway


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