R23X: SOUND_TRACK ~ [MP3​​]​​​.​​torrent

Nachpressung des meiner Meinung nach besten Albums vom R23X auf Splatter-Vinyl. Limitiert auf 300 Stück und mit nicem Sticker. Better be Quick!


Hab ich direkt geshoppt! Ein einfach großartiges glitch, Lofi, Electronica Werk, muss ins Regal ?

SOUND_TRACK ~ [MP3].torrent is an experimental blend of Vaporwave, VGM, and lo-fi beatmaking in R23X’s signature non-conventional style. A strange mixture of glitched explorations and degraded audio experimentations… the entirety of Side B (Chapter 2) is mastered on VHS and the album employs lo-fi “samples” of R23X’s own original orchestrations … warped through R23X’s lens like a KaZaA or mIRC download or old promotional VHS tape youtube rip—except the result is an original concoction and not primarily sample-based.

Press from The Guardian about SOUND_TRACK:


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